5 Habits for waking up with great skin

5 Habits for waking up with great skin

Stop checking out the ‘I woke up like this selfies’ of these celebrities and wondering how! You can have naturally gorgeous skin to flaunt when you get up in the morning and even throughout the day. The daily Korean skin care routine has always been a point of attraction for every skin conscious individual. So ready to break up with your makeup and wake up to the skin of your dreams? Check out the 5 must-have habits that can get your skin to a glow you would love to show.

Wash your face twice - Ok, now you must be thinking that it’s basic. Yes, it is and that’s extremely vital too. Many might think that washing the face once is enough but Korean skincare believes in washing twice. The secret to their naturally translucent skin is their dedicated routine. Begin with an oil-based cleanser and follow with foam facial wash.

Just relax - There’s no better sleeping pack than relaxing, a relaxed sleep rather. A busy schedule might lead to more junkies and stresses; so, make sure you get a relaxed sleep. Along with some yoga, music, reading you can put on a natural sleeping pack for complete relaxation.

Don’t pop your pimples - Somewhat we all have this tendency to poke our pimples and that’s where the permanent marks come from. We know what you are thinking, people with good skin doesn’t get pimples in the first place! No, it’s a myth. Pimples can come to anyone with any skin type. Acne scarring can get your skin into permanent damages. With a daily Korean skin care routine, you can get rid of the pimples or acne but those scars are never going to leave you. Warning!

Moisturise - Keep it hydrated and maintain the moisture balance to get healthy skin. Use a moisturiser that is perfect for your skin type - Not too oily and not too dry for a natural moisture balance in your skin. A great solution to keep your skin naturally hydrated even while you are sleeping is to go for a sleeping pack that acts like a cream and a pack together. Amazing isn’t it!
Elysiann Glorry Flora Sleeping Pack is a wonderful product when it comes to skincare. Relaxed sleep and moisture retention both can be achieved with this magical pack.

A sleeping pack can be a great option when it comes to beautiful skin, naturally! This sleeping pack is known to detoxify, remove impurities, vitalize fatigued skin, provide instant glow and lock Generation Of Harmful Oxygen.

Drink more water - We might sound like your mom at this point. But to be honest, this is a traditional yet modern way to get naturally glowing skin. 3 to 4 litres are recommended for adults but it depends on the physical conditions of the individuals. Daily Korean skin care routine involves this in the daily regime and the result is visible to all of us.

Follow to get great skin and for enhancing your natural self with natural Korean products, choose Elysiann Glorry. Visit elysiannglorry.com
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