Save your skin from Pollution!

Save your skin from Pollution!

Richa has an active life - She works hard and parties harder. Working out, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water all aren’t being enough to maintain her skin health. But she barely believes that skincare is health care. Richa doesn’t invest in maintaining her skin health. Do not be like Richa. Duh!
For active women like her who are more often exposed to pollution, pore care is a breather and she goes on avoiding it.
Just like Richa, are you also trying hard to tackle the fallout? Then we have the ultimate solution for you. Go on with your ups and downs but let your skin stay glowing, forever. That’s why being one of the top Korean skincare brands, Elysainn Glorry curated skincare products for contemporary Indian women. Diligently follow these basic skincare tips that can make Richa get the real richness on her skin and you can too!

Hydrate your skin - Now this is something we often miss out on. But this is one of the most vital aspects of protecting your skin from the harmful effects of pollution. Along with drinking 3 litres of water daily, you need to treat your skin with antioxidant properties. Aloe vera is an excellent ingredient for moisture retention and keeps your dull skin hydrated. This common yet so amazing property is present in Elysiann Glorry Face Spa Mask - Heating & Cooling. In these revolutionary two-step masks, the cooling process closes the pores in the second step to retain moisture in the skin. Thus, it is a promise of complete pore care with natural ingredients.

Use cleanser - Start your day by washing your face with a mild cleanser and end it with a deep pore cleanser. However, depending on your skin, choose either a foam-based cleanser that doesn’t take away your moisture or use a mild sherbet for a nourishing cleansing effect.
Therefore, Elysiann Glorry brings to you the revolutionary Sky Sheep Skin Cleansing Foam, made out of 22% sheep milk. High in selenium content due to the sheep milk, this product is the best for providing skin cleansing, protecting and brightening effects.

Choose mask care - Masks are amazing when it comes to treating your pollution-damaged skin. So, you must choose the best-suited one for your skin as per their functionality. Whatever might be the need, a deep pore cleansing mask is a must-have. And if you have oily skin, pollution, dirt and dust will get attached to it like a magnet. Remove them all with a mask that cleanses from the core and nourishes the skin at the same time.
Witch Hazel Extract present in Elysiann Glorry Tik Toc Bubble Mask known for having antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This rare ingredient alleviates skin irritation and provides an excellent soothing effect to your skin. It removes waste from your skin effectively. This mask also produces a lot of fine bubbles to remove waste and contaminants from the pores, keeping your skin clean; that too with sebum controlling functions.

As one of the top Korean skincare brands, Elysiann Glorry brings a range of products for complete care. So that, when you are rushing to your workplace or returning tired from work, your skin is still taken care of. Therefore, driveaway pollution off your skin with complete cleansing and pore care.

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