The HAPPY FARMING ingredient 'Snail Mucin' for your spotless radiant skin

Most Loved Korean Skin Care Secret Now In INDIA!!

Elysiann GLorry Iloje Flobu Snail Cream:  Introducing New-age concept of flawless glass skin with serene cultivation of precious sea snails & specially formulated with their ‘happy mood’ sharing- snail mucin, to provide you with better skin elasticity and firmness & counteract signs of fine lines, this Snail cream has remarkable features. The Gel-like snail slime exclusively combined with precious ingredients like Snow mushroom, Shea butter and Macadamia oil, enriched with adenosine, retinol & many more is surely a one stop solution for your healthy-looking make-up free glass skin.
  • The mucin from snail slime combines with proteins to firm and moisturize the skin.
  • The cream, with a sticky, resilient texture, fills the skin with ample moisture and is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin not only clean and refreshed, but also firm from deep inside.
  • Revitalize your skin with the gel-like snail mucin.
  • natural skin care
  • advanced skin care

BUT… WAIT! The Best part is still yet to come…

Keep your deepest core of the skin drench with concentrated snail filtrate, combining it with spotlight protein Adenosine & enjoy improved resilient look all through the day. The built in hydrating properties will shower your skin with many magical outlook. The goodness of Tremella mushroom extract, which however can holds water up to 1000times than its weight, seemingly plumps up  & boosts your skin like every splash of fresh water. The never heard ingredients are carefully picked through minding Indian skin concerns. The cream is specially formulated for long lasting deep moisturizing and visibly passing over wrinkles & fine lines. This in turn is a one stop solution for your skin’s delayed aging process. Chondroitin sulfate, a less-popular mucopolysaccharide, found in snail filtrate is a proven active ingredient to restore the lost functions of aged-chondrocyte & activates mucopolysaccharides in the dermis, resulting faster collagen build up & ease wrinkle formation. KFDA approved golden ingredient contains actives like retinol, which makes it safe to use both at day & night. Devoid of any artificial harmful dye or fragrance, this is a perfect suit for always worried sensitive skin people. The most popular ingredient Shea Butter, well known for keeping your skin soft, supple and results into a bouncy skin is also present in this snail cream.
So don’t long for chemical skincare routine anymore, be smart & start your FOREVER GLOW with ELYSIANN GLORRY!..
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