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Elysiann Glorry Iloje Double Up V Face Lifting Mask

Elysiann Glorry Iloje Double Up V Face Lifting Mask

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Get rid of double chin under 2 hours from home without expensive skin treatments with this face lifting mask!

Double V lifting Mask transforms your look instantly by giving you a sharp and smooth jawline with high-enriched hydrogel.  Get the best jawline in the world inexpensive & painless lift.

Works as a Jawline Shaper and reduces double chin, wrinkles, ageing and fine lines

Double V face lifting mask is effective and proven to reduce double chin and saggy skin. It tightens your jawline and smiling lines and makes you look smart and younger.

v jawline elysiann

Forget expensive kits, chemical treatments and surgeries. 

Get perfectly shaped jawlines from home without the pain of needles and knives or medicines. 96% of our customers have claimed they have slimmer chin from the first use of this jawline shaper.

face lifting mask elysiann

Promotes skin healing and reduces redness of the skin. This double chin mask can boost collagen and sculpt the chin overnight without causing any discomfort.

how to get a jawline overnight

Get back the natural glow of your skin with this double chin mask

It strengthens your jawline and fights ageing. Makes your skin smooth and nourishes it. 

double chin mask elysiann

Fits comfortably on any face size

Unlike other cloth or plastic masks, this v jawline mask fits your jawline perfectly and comfortably. It is made of stretchable and soft fabric designed to fit your face perfectly no matter how small or big the face is.

jawline shaper elysiann

This Jawline Shaper has cuts near the ears so that you can wear it and do any other task you like. The mask will still be on your face.


This face lifting mask is reusable. You can use it multiple times till the elasticity stays in the mask. Keep it in the refrigerator when not in use.

Smooth and skin-friendly

The v jawline mask is smooth and lightweight. It can be used both by women and men. It doesn’t cause skin irritation or allergies.

best jawline in the world elysiann

The cheapest and best v jawline face lifting available on the market

How to get a jawline overnight? Well, 96% of our customers have seen visible changes in their jawline after using this double chin mask for just two hours.

elysiann jawline shaper

Covers chin, cheeks, nose folds and cheekbones comfortably

Reduces fat effectively from your nose fold, cheekbones and entire face area. Look younger without expensive treatments from home.

elysiann face lifting mask

Removes cellulite from the skin and protects your skin from cell damage while repairing your skin.

Achieving the Best Jawline in the World is now easy:

Just take it out from the packet and put the mask along your jawline. Keep at least 2 hours. You can do any other task you like wearing it. You can sleep wearing it too. We recommend using one mask every 15 days or before a party or any special occasion. One use will keep your jawline sharp and slim for 7-10 days.

How to use:

get a jawline overnight


Hexapeptide-8 - reduces the appearance of expression line wrinkles by using the snare complex. It relaxes facial muscles, meaning they contract less—fewer contractions like squinting lead to fewer wrinkles.

Caffeine - constrains blood vessels, reducing puffiness of the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to soothe the skin and bring down the redness of skin.

elysiann face mask

Get Noticeable reduction of double chin and facial wrinkles with the best face lifting mask!

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1. How is the DUVTFLM different from other facial Mask?
Made from natural resources all the way from South Korea. No side effects. Reusable.
• Jawline
• Laughing Lines
• Double Chin
It contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize your hair.

2. Is it for both Men & Women?
Yes both. Concerns are usual.

3. What is the regime to use our product?
For best results, it is recommended to apply our DUVTFLM once a week for two hours only.

4. What is the Masks durability?
Usually 3-4 times.

5. What are the unique ingredients in DUVTFLM?
• Hexapeptide-8
• Caffeine

6. Is this worth?
Yes indeed. It has natural ingredients. It is a replacement of Botox treatment.

7. Where is this product manufactured?
South Korea

8. How effective is the product for Double Chin Fat?
It’s specially curated to address concerns like Double Chin Fat or Extra Water Retention on the face. With gradual use, the ingredient helps to sublimely get rid of these concerns.

9. How effective is the product for someone who want to get a perfect Jawline?
This is a jawline shaper. Therefore, anybody with or without double chin can use this and get a perfect jawline in just 2 hours.

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  • Visible reduction in double chin

    Easy to use. Wear the mask for 2 hours and remove.

  • Get smooth jaw line from home

    no expensive treatment required

  • Reusable mask

    Keep the mask in fridge after using. It can be reused untill the elasticity of the mask is maintained.

  • Easy to use & Comfortable Fit

    Fits any face size comfortably due to its elasticity.

  • I am seriously surprised by the result.


    - Tannita Saha

  • I am a regular buyer. Products are amazing.


    - Sangeeta Kumari

  • Very fast delivery and great customer support


    - Gurpreet Kaur

  • Worth every penny. Very nice product.


    - Alima Bibi

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Mandip Kaur

I used these as instructed and the result was good

Sapna Sancheti
Worth Spending

my jawline looked visibly more defined immediately

Madhu Agarwal
Great Product!

it definitely helped combat my sagging concerns after each use

Ayantika Bhadra
Love It

my jawline looked visibly more defined

Sayani Das

Highly Recommended