Diving into the Korean Beauty World

Diving into the Korean Beauty World

K-pop, K-drama, and K-beauty - We are all going crazy over these. Some might feel that these are all overemphasised and hyped while others vouch for these. Don’t know about the rest two but when it comes to Korean skincare, we vouch for its endless benefits and great results. K-beauty is still a secret to many and today this blog will unveil these secrets of a complete Korean skin care routine.

Wanna know the secrets of porcelain skin that Koreans possess? Read on and you can think of us while binging the Korean series!

Steamy treatment - Let the steams stream on! Steams for your face is amazing in repairing and Koreans know it well. They pamper their face with a DIY face spa more often to open the pores and help them clear dirt and grime. For younger-looking and glowing skin, such steamy face spa is their all-time favourite. Elysiann Glorry Heating & Cooling Face Spa Mask is the perfect product to get your skin that Korean glow.

Face workouts to work it out! - Something we must learn from these Korean women is their dedication towards their skin. The amazing feature of their face is that V-shaped jawline. No, they aren’t always naturally blessed with it. They prefer maintaining through some regular facial exercises to lift up their droopy and saggy skin. It is an integral part of their complete Korean skin care routine. You can repeat these facial stretches and get a naturally toned face. Forget that contour, rather you can try out a natural hydrogel infused facial mask to accelerate the double chin lifting actions. Elysiann Glorry presents the miraculous Korean V-lifting masks for lifting your chin in just 2 hours- That’s way too brilliant!

The Charcoal charm - This is known to almost all skincare enthusiasts but Koreans are extremely loyal to this ingredient. For clearing blackheads to pore cleaning, charcoal has been terrific as a natural ingredient in Korean skincare products. The sheet masks or blackhead pore strips with charcoal are Korean favourites for naturally flawless skin.
Elysiann Glorry Tik Toc Bubble Mask and Get Out Blackhead Nose Pore Strip are the two Korean skincare wonders with charcoal to exfoliate naturally and beautifully.

Tap, tap, tap! - The right way to apply a complete Korean skin care routine is to make sure the natural ingredients are absorbed well into your skin. And for that, go on tapping the products with your fingertips.

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