Enrich your Skin with Vitamins

Enrich your Skin with Vitamins

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins...we are all so accustomed to this word but most of us barely know what they do. The same is with Ayesha. She has been suggested n number of moisturising creams filled with vitamins blah blah blah…
But no one could tell her why she should use those creams. Duh!
“Moisturizers are all same, tell me something new” - This was her exact reaction when her colleague suggested a Korean skincare cream. For all those who need to get the answers to why choose this berry-enriched Vitamin Moisture Cream, here’s this blog.

Elysiann Glorry being one of the topmost Korean skincare brands available in India has made things simplified for you. We know it’s convincing enough to leave it half-read and go for ordering the cream but still try to read till the end.

Vitamin Moisture Cream by Elysiann Glorry
What it does!

Unlike most other moisturising creams this doesn’t only retain the skin moisture level but treats your skin deep down into the cells. Damage treatment is something this cream is a pro at. We always talk about moisturization but the real scientific treatment comes from the natural hydration of your skin. It knows what your skin needs and never fails to supply the necessary nutrition to keep it healthy.  This Korean skincare cream also works on wrinkles and skin ageing, making your skin stay ageless - Just like your heart!

What it has!

Completely natural, this cream has been one of the revolutionary products amongst the topmost Korean skincare brands available in India. So, what makes this product an outstanding one? Nothing but the rare ingredients, that’s it! It is all about research and finding the marvels out of nature’s abundance.

Vitamin Moisture Cream is packed with rare sea buckthorn berries that are called super berries or God berries because of its effectiveness. They are filled with vitamins and amino acids that are marvellous for the skin, providing the moisture, your skin needs. Rich in vitamins like A, C, E, D, B, K, antioxidant properties and also contains Omega -3 and Omega -6 it is a champion in regenerating the skin cells. Vitamin E and provitamin contents in olive oil care for the skin by reducing wrinkles and discharging toxins from the skin. The Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) helps skin to get supple by retaining moisture in the dermis.

How it feels like!

This Korean skincare cream has a soft texture and is extremely light on the skin, which never lets you feel heavy. It’s smooth after application and gets easily absorbed with no greasy effect.

Extra benefits!

If these reasons are not convincing enough for you then we have more. This daily moisturisation cream is great for combination skin owners. Certified as skin irritation-free and approved by CFDA, this product is excellent for sensitive skin as well.

Huff! You and Ayesha might get tired of reading so many praises about this Vitamin Cream but it won’t get tired while working towards your naturally gorgeous skin dreams.

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