It's the hand where the chivalry starts!

It's the hand where the chivalry starts!

Argh! That irritating alarm that goes on snoozing. You wake up and switch it off. Heading towards the washroom and touching the doorknob to eating breakfast after getting fresh - From preparing the presentation and nail-biting brainstorming sessions at your workplace to cooking your dinner after returning home and handling the AC remote. Even slapping a creep in a public place and so many other things (better not to explain here) - We use our hands for every small and big work.
But we barely pay attention towards its care. Our hands are one of the most active body parts and are exposed to stress, unhygienic circumstances and so much pollution.
Being one of the best Korean skincare brands in India we had to think of your hands even when you don’t.

Elysiann Glorry Aroma Relaxing Hand Mask is the revolution that you must include in your customized Korean skincare routine. This hand mask will be your de-stressor so that you can forget what all your hands went through. It detoxifies the hand skin, moisturizes your dry hands and brightens skin tone as well.
Such a relief! This hand mask relaxes your tired hands like no other and tightens your hand skin to make them look forever young.

This Relaxing Hand Mask is a rare Korean innovation by one of the best Korean skincare brands in India.
You are so much into detoxifying your body but barely think of the hands. Apart from detoxifying your hand skin, it retains moisture and relaxes instantly. The relaxing aroma oil and white flower complex help retain the oil-water balance of the skin and soothe irritation (of your hand skin, not your mind of course!).


It has a great threshold - May be a tenacity more than what we are left with to tolerate societal taboos. Pun intended!
Being a hand mask, this product needs to stretch and having high retention and elasticity, it is well fitted on any hand skin. It creates a thin moisturizing film on the hands and sits tight and works gently on the skin.


It delivers what it promises - After use, you will feel the difference! The aroma relaxing hand mask prevents your hands from going rough and dry by locking the moisture inside and making them smooth and clear. It can retain the oxygen content of the skin, making the hands more breathable, softer, and improves the resilience of the hand skin. It doesn’t end here, it brightens the skin tone and tightens the skin while actively removing the impurities. Wow! Just realised that this mask does something that we are trying to do for ages - Talking about removing impurities (from people’s thought processes). You won’t need more reasons to make it a part of your customized Korean skincare routine.

So, let us just focus on how to use this mask to derive the utmost benefits!

  1. Wash your hands well with warm water
  2. Separate the hand mask along the dotted line
  3. Put the hand mask on and fix the ankle part of the mask with a tape enclosed and then give a gentle massage with your hand to help the absorption of the essence
  4. Remove the hand mask after around 20 to 30 minutes and let the skin absorb the remaining essence through gentle tapping motions.

Now when you know, do not deprive your chivalrous hands of the care it needs. Grab this amazing product or check out the Korean skincare range by one of the best Korean skincare brands in India. Visit -

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