K beauty – a tribute to your natural beauty!

K beauty – a tribute to your natural beauty!

Elysiann Glorry – ageless care for every skin.

“i am in my 20s, why use skincare products so early?”

“in my thirties, i am too busy for elaborate skincare routines”

Now when i am in my 40s, it’s very late already!”

We always have a busy schedule and too many excuses – don’t we! The top skin care brand in india comes with the best skincare products but we are too oblivious of what to choose and what not to – a forever dilemma.

Then comes the unawareness of whether k beauty is fit for your skin type or not. Argh! Too many confusions killing your enthusiasm to indulge in skincare? Elysiann Glorry simplifies it for you – one brand that brings the best of Korean skincare for every Indian skin type and for all ages. It’s a savior indeed

Now let’s discuss what skincare regime you should follow as per your age and skin type.

In your 20s – this is the age you must undo all the harms you did to your skin till date by using harmful chemicals or just by neglecting your skin during your teen.

Start with washing your face twice daily, in the morning and in the evening before bed. Even after exercise has made you sweat a lot, you should wash your face and neck. A cleanser exfoliates your skin to prevent clogged pores and drive away excess sebum. But make sure you use products from the top skin care brand in India. Choose a cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin too much dry, whether you have dry or oily or combination skin. You can get something that’s gentle on your face like Elysiann Glorry sky sheep cleansing foam. Uv-ray protection is a must and this cleanser makes sure your skin gets that dose of spf even with basic cleansing.

Worried about acne? It’s too common at this age but treating it isn’t that easy or quick. So, it’s better to prevent it. If you are into heavy makeup, just don’t hit the bed without cleaning the face completely or you might wake up to acne. Use gentle makeup remover that also cleanses without generating sebum and treats your fatigued skin. Get hold of Elysiann Glorry nine berry cleansing sherbet, a perfect k beauty indulgence.

And for that hangover, you better get a glass of lime water ready!

In your 30s – your skin has started ageing but you haven’t and that’s why you hardly realize the changes. No worries, your skin can remain youthful just like your heart and soul but with some proper care.

Let’s talk about the most vital aspect – spf. Yes, it might sound like “oh, it’s just too common” but it is one of the most essential aspects, save your skin from the harmful uv rays and save it from ageing. Start with a proper anti-ageing cream with uv protection from a top skin care brand in india. Elysiann Glorry miracle de aging cream is such a wonder for your 30s and beyond. To add on some benefits to your skin, make sure you detoxify it with products that contain antioxidants. Detoxify with masks that control sebum and removes external impurities and use a hydrating cream filled with the goodness of vitamins.

You can get your hands on wonderful k beauty products like Elysiann Glorry tik toc bubble mask and the excellent vitamin moisture cream.

In your 40s – the phase just before your menopause is sensitive and you must prepare your skin for the drastic changes knocking at the door. Just befriend peptide and collagen. Use masks with real jewel powder containing collagen and peptide to work on the wrinkles by blocking certain amino acids inside your skin to absorb the maximum nutritional benefits. Collagen helps repair and renew skin by locking the moisture. Tada! Your youthful skin dream is a reality now. Check out jewel modelling masks that contain collagen and retains moisture of your skin. For the lotion with the benefits of collagen, you may go for a multi-tasking product elysiann glorry snowman toneup lotion.

Whatever be the age, use ageless skincare and that too from the top skin care brand in india – authenticity is everything after all!

Not much of a skincare expert? No worries, we have the best products for every age and each skin type, curated for the indian skin. The only thing you need to do is to get the best skin care products from a brand that understands you and your skin.

For an elaborate skincare routine for the 50+ get in touch with us or just stay connected for our upcoming blogs.

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