The Secret to 10 Minutes Glowing Skin

The Secret to 10 Minutes Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin and that too naturally! But the dragging over skincare regime and late or no visible result make us lose hope and patience too. But have you wondered how these Korean skincare products claim faster effects? They are meant to provide results quicker and something that lasts for a long. Being extremely diligent in their skincare routines, Koreans look for products that work and provide glowing skin in no time. Be it a brightening serum or an anti-ageing cream, Korean skincare products are effective since their first use.
Let us check out some of the best Korean skincare products that are available in the Indian market and together let’s vouch for their instant glowing benefits.

Face spa like never before! -  Heading for an evening date or getting your skin ready for your best friend’s wedding? Try out this amazing product by Elysiann Glorry, Face Spa Mask - Heating & Cooling. This revolutionary mask brings to you the secrets of Korean skin care at home. No need to head to the parlour and spend a fortune just to get gorgeous skin; instead, you can get the best facial spa with this amazing masks.
This two-step spa treatment also provides intense moisturization. This innovative two-step mask works as a complete face spa care and gets you going in just 10 minutes. The heating mask cleanses and supplies nutrients to your face, while the cooling mask lifts and tightens your skin. In the heating process, the pores are relieved to remove impurities while in the cooling process, pores are closed to retain skin hydration. Packed with natural ingredients like Propolis, Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica Extract & Matricaria Flower Extract, this mask makes it one of the best Korean face masks in India. To top it, till date no competitor product was found in the market for this face spa mask. What else do you need to make it an integral part of your skincare regime!

Be sure with a serum! - You must have heard about different serums in the market with various benefits claimed. But have you heard of a brightening serum that works as a CC benefit, a tone-up product and as a serum - all at once! Unbelievable isn’t it! Yes, Elysiann Glorry has brought to you this Korean secret to makeup less beauty with their Brightening Capsule Serum.
Pretty pearl extracts present in this product contain amino acids and peptides that are responsible for giving you that instant glow, you always aimed for. The brightening ingredients from niacinamide and the soothing effects of allantoin put together to make your skin get that natural translucent look without any makeup. For a perfect Korean skin care at home, always trust on the natural ingredients that can glow you up in no time.

Many believe in the myth that longer it takes to show the results, better the product. Korean skin care is a believer of faster results with the arre ingredients that are barely known to the common world. So, be it a brightening serum or face spa mask or just your regular moisturiser, choose K beauty and witness the changes in no time. So the secret is out and you can always remember us when someone compliments your glowing skin.

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