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Grow Again Hair Serum(45 ml)

Grow Again Hair Serum(45 ml)

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  1. Awakens dormant hair stem cells to generate a new growth phase.
  2. REDENSYL an award winning, helps to remove dandruff and other skin infection and allergy on hair scalp.
  3. Rebalances the hair life cycle and reduces hair loss
  4. Painless and cost effective with faster results than hair transplant treatments
  5. Improves blood circulation of the roots and follicles to make your hair stronger.
  6. Reduces hair falls.


Catechin: An antioxidant in nature, also helps to reduce dhydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair loss.

Redensyl: Awakes up the hair stem cells to generate a new growth phase for all hair on the scalp.

Procapil: Improves blood circulation to the roots and follicles to make your hair stronger.

Onion: a proven & multi benefit ingredient a complete remedy for many hair problems including hair fall & weak hair.


Trial Study Tests:


92% observed new hair growth.
88% saw a reduction in hair fall.
85% felt an increment in hair density & thickness.

*Based on trial on different hair loss issues on both men and women.

What Makes It Special:

The blend of Redensyl and Anagain in this hair serum, supercharged by Catechin, stimulates the scalp and nourishes the hair with antioxidants to speed up hair growth. The natural extracts restore vitality and density for fuller, lustrous hair.

1. Redensyl is the newest breakthrough as clinical results showed within 84 days, 85 percent of the participants had visibly thicker hair and reduced hair loss.

2. Redensyl stimulates the hair follicles increasing the anagen phase, which is the growth phase of the hair. It lessens the telogen phase time, minimising hair fall.

3. The hair serum is non-greasy, so you don't have to worry about a sticky texture.

Direction to use:

  1. Take a generous amount using a dropper, apply directly to you scalp/hair roots focusing on the area of hair loss.
  2. Massage into scalp in circular motion using fingertips.
  3. Rinse Hand After Use.

For best results use All Protein Shampoo for Stronger Roots & Longer Hair.
This Serum works on your scalp, so applying it to your hair strands is not required.

When To Use :

Every night before going to bed as that give the serum enough time to work as you sleep.


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